Acrylic Impact Modifier TIM-809

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Acrylic Impact Modifier TIM-809

Topadd® TIM-809

Pvc Processing Aid Raw Material Foaming Regulator010

 Tech Spec 
TIM-809 is suitable for all kinds of opaque PVC products, such as PVC profile,PVC pipe,pipe fitting and PVC fencing etc.

TIM-809 is high efficiency pvc impact modifier. It show good compatible with PVC and
higher Impact strength 

performance than TIM-808.

●good impact strength efficiency 

●good weatherability
●good product appearance
●good mechanical properties and dimensional stability

 Package and Storage 
25kg PP woven bag with PE liner or 20kg paper bag with PE liner
Should be stored in dry and ventilated storeroom. This product is non-dangerous. For other operations, please refer to SDS instructions provided by the manufacturer.

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