One pack lead stabilizer ProStab-NVxxxx series

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One pack lead stabilizer ProStab-NVxxxx series

One pack lead stabilizer ProStab-NVxxxx series are mainly used in the various types of pipe & tube, injection & pipe fitting, sheet & panel, foam & WPC board etc. It is produced by metal compound stabilizer with the amount of chelating agent, lubricants and other internal and external components with the company's unique processing technology. This One-pack Lead Rigid Pvc Stabilizer contains the right amount of complex antioxidant system and other functional polymer additive, which can significantly increase finished goods' performance and improve the surface luster.

pb stabilizer

Product properties

The series products have good thermal stability and processing performance,reasonable formulation. It has excellent internal and external lubricating balance and do not need any more lubricant and has wide compatibility to different processing equipments. 

Novista Brand
Physical form
Off-white flake Profile
Off-white flake
Drainage pipe. corrugated pipe, pressure pipe etc
Off-white flake
Injection parts, such as pipe fitting
Off-white flake
Sheet, board, panel

Package & Loading

Net weight 25KG woven bag with inner bag or craft paper bag .


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